Current Graduate Recruitment Vacancies

561: Graduate Recruitment

Are you a fresh graduate and looking to start your career?

MISCO can help you find your first job after graduation. We urge graduates who are about to finish their studies to register with us to get to know of various career opportunities.

We are in contact with companies operating within different sectors; therefore, this would be an ideal opportunity for graduates to be able to start working and gain experience in their field of expertise.

Please send us you...

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562: Undergraduates - Flexible Hours

MISCO has issued a general call for applications for undergraduate students who are interested in flexible hours employment opportunities on a part-time basis.

Students who wish to be called for future vacancies that require students who are currently undergoing their undergraduate studies, are urged to apply to this vacancy. Any line of study is acceptable since job vacancies might arise in any sector. The vacancies might require persons to work on a flexible hours basis for few h...

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