Welcome to MISCO Selection

MISCO is the leading Selection and Recruitment specialist on the Island. Through its vast experience in the field and its network of contacts within the Maltese business community, MISCO has been successfully providing constant support to HR professionals by identifying and selecting the best candidates for their organisation. MISCO is able to do this because of its professional yet pragmatic approach to business. It always seeks to understand the corporate culture, the job and the candidate so as to ensure that the best possible match for clients is made allowing employers and employees to come together faster than ever before.

Clients can create their profile and submit jobs with the Company logo through our Web Advertising service. Our clients can then view the basic profiles of applicants received for the posted jobs, check which candidates fit the profile of the job being offered and much more.

Candidates using MISCO web portal can register, keep their profile updated online, submit their CV and other documentation online, complete online timesheets, search for their perfect career and much more. Once candidates provide us with all the information, MISCO can search thoroughly through its database and contact the candidates for the most suited non-advertised jobs. Candidates would not have to spend time searching through pages and pages of jobs unrelated to their skills. Using MISCO's powerful search tools, searches will be concise and match the candidates’ criteria exactly.

For further information, please contact us on 00356 2205 4505.

For assistance, kindly contact us on selection@miscomalta.com or 00356 2205 4505